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How long does it take for mold to grow?

Mold grows quickly. It is important to dry water-damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth.

What equipment do you use to remove mold spores from the air?

Air scrubbers are used to collect mold spores for the safety of the property owner and the clean-up team. Our specialized equipment can filter up to 22,000 square feet a day.

Are you certified?

Yes. A-1 Cleaning is trained by instructors from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Will you file my insurance claim?

The homeowner or business owner files a claim with their insurance agent. A-1 provides a detailed estimate before a job begins and invoice once it is complete.

Can the property owner help with restoration?
A-1’s estimating process allows for flexibility and enables property owners to handle precious items such as collectables and dishes.
How does the restoration process work after a fire or smoke damage?

A-1 comes into your home or business and removes all contents that can be salvaged and sees they are professionally cleaned. Ceilings, walls and windows are tested for soot before the cleaning begins to make sure all areas are effectively treated. Air ducts and vents are cleaned along with the furniture, carpets and floors. A-1 finishes the job by returning the cleaned contents and re-hanging drapes.

Do you work on properties that are not insured?

Yes, we work with the homeowner or business owner. Project estimates are provided in advance and are agreed by both parties before work begins.

Do you paint walls and match trim?

Yes. We take extra care in making sure the job is done well and to the customer’s satisfaction. We repair and replace everything from structural beams, insulation and sheetrock. Walls are painted to match existing colors or per the customer’s requirement if they would like to upgrade materials. Trim is stained and installed. Upon request, A-1 can provide referrals to flooring experts for replacing carpet, tile and wood flooring.

How long does it take to restore my property?

Each job is different. A-1 Cleaning provides 24-hour emergency service. For water damage calls, we are typically onsite within an hour of your call to start the drying process. Fire and smoke damage projects vary and depend on the amount of soot damage and the size of the fire.

Do different types of floods matter to the clean-up process?

Yes. Typically we view floods in three ways:

  1. Clean water free from contaminants.
  2. Gray water means there is contaminants present but not sewage.
  3. Black water contains sewage and is the most contaminated and poses many health risks. Do not go near contaminated water. Call A-1 for immediate assistance.
May I stay in my home during the dry-out process?

Oftentimes you can stay in your home depending on the areas affected by the water damage. You may lose the use of your kitchen, bathroom or family room. You may want to ask your insurance company and adjuster about alternative living space and additional living expense coverage.

Do you need regular access to the property?

For water damaged projects, A-1 closely monitors the dry-out process and checks on moisture levels and may add or remove equipment to ensure the best results. Properties damaged by smoke and fire also require regular access to make repairs and remove the odor. A lockbox for the front door is provided by A-1 Cleaning.

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