Redwood Falls

Redwood Falls

Redwood Falls MN is a lovely part of southwestern Minnesota, with parks, trails, museums and more to visit and enjoy. It’s great when a few inches of rain makes the Redwood and Minnesota Rivers climb higher. But those inches aren’t great if they seep into your basement because your foundation isn’t solid.

The professionals at A1 Cleaning can handle and repair any havoc wreaked on your home or business by mother nature. We’ve got 24-hour emergency services and prices that will help you save, you have nothing to lose. Call today.

Water Damage

It’s really important to address water damage right away. At A1 Cleaning in Redwood Falls MN, we are ready to help 24 hours a day, rain or shine. Whether you have a small roof leak or a broken pipe in the kitchen, please don’t wait to call. It is essential to treat all water damage within 24-48 hours to help prevent mold from forming.

Smoke and Fire Damage Clean-Up

Kitchen grease fires and smoky family room fireplaces can make a real mess. If you live in the Redwood Falls MN area and have fire or smoke damage, we are here to help. We’ve dealt with these problems and can quickly take of these types of challenges.

Allow our professionals to handle this professionally and efficiently. We will ease your mind and wallet.

Mold Removal

Got mold? Nip it in the bud because it can spread throughout your walls and carpet, and cause serious health problems, like asthma attacks.

Mold can be smelly and grow on your furniture, bedding, and curtains, too.

Call our Redwood Falls, MN location today so you don’t have to stress tomorrow. Our team will quickly and professionally eradicate mold and make all needed repairs.

Odor Removal

You want to entertain or walk into your house at the end of a workday and smell, well, nothing! Home odors can be a sign of more problems.

If you’ve recently sustained fire damage or even a water leak in the house, and are still experiencing lingering odor, give our Redwood Falls MN team a call today. We have a fast response time and will send in our professionals with the right equipment for the job.

Flood Damage

Although Redwood, MN is known for its beautiful seasons, some of those seasons can cause damage to our homes. When it rains it pours, and with excess rain comes leaks, mold, and damage to our floors. It can be really tragic if it ruins your carpet.

If your home or business floors have suffered water damage, call one of our A1 professionals today. Our team is on standby 24 hours a day.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

We love our pets, but they can stain our carpets. We love bbq ribs from Duffy’s, but dropping a plate of them on the carpet and couch leave a merciless mess that’s hard to get out. Over time, carpets become discolored, dirty, and worn.

We take pride in bringing new life back to carpets and even area rugs. Our Redwood Falls, MN location is ready with trained professionals to tackle any carpet or floor issues in your home or business.

Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning

Winters in Redwood Falls, MN can get be really cold and you want your furnace to operate at maximum efficiency. It’s critically important to perform regular furnace maintenance and clean your air ducts or you’re heating bills will go higher.

Our highly trained professionals will do the dirty work for you, and make sure everyone stays warm and comfortable during those long winter days.

Contact us today.