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Flood Damage Cleaning

Flood Damage Cleaning

If you’re looking at this page right now, chances are good that you’ve got a flooding situation in your home. Chances are also good that it’s happening at the worst possible time. Whether it’s due to a natural disaster or a burst pipe, and whether it’s noon or midnight, flooding in your home means you need help right away. Our 24-hour emergency services are available quickly for flood damage in Redwood Falls, MN. We are usually at your home within an hour of your first phone call because speed is of the utmost importance.

What should you do when you wander into the bathroom at 2 a.m. to find standing water? First, get out and stay out of the room. Flooding brings black water into the home which carries the risk of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. There could also be electrical problems creating another layer of danger. Next, call us. Our trained technicians will arrive quickly to locate and safely stop the source of the flooding.

Our employees are trained by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification and are held to the IICRC’s high industry standards. Our training ensures that we will safely, professionally, and expertly meet your needs for flood damage cleaning and restoration.

After assessing the scope of the cleanup and restoration needed in your home, we will immediately begin the drying out and water removal process. In the case of flooding, there is usually a significant amount of water to remove before we can fully assess the extent of the damage. If Mother Nature herself causes the flooding, we will be ready to start once the flood waters have receded.

Our specialized equipment allows us to dry out damaged areas in a fraction of the time it would take the average homeowner to do it on their own. In addition, our air scrubbers remove mold spores, making your home’s air safe again. Mold growth can be especially harmful to individuals with compromised immune systems or underlying respiratory issues. If you or your family members fit into this category, please avoid a DIY situation. You need standing water removed quickly, and you need it done correctly. A1 Cleaning is ready to take on the job.

In flood situations, it is likely that items such as sheetrock, subflooring, and support beams will need significant repairs. Wood and other porous building materials that have been submerged in water are likely to experience mold growth and insect infestations. Both of these problems pose a health risk, as well as a risk to the structural integrity of your home, and need to be taken care of properly by our highly trained team.

Typically, these compromised building materials need to be discarded and replaced. A1 Cleaning will take care of this as part of our restoration of your home. In addition, special care must be taken with electrical work when flooding is present. If needed, we can refer you to qualified electricians for necessary repairs to your home’s electrical systems. Safety is our first priority for your family.

Once the damaged building materials are removed and the air humidity and quality are at safe levels, A1 will begin replacing and repairing the affected areas. Our job is to get your home to pre-flood condition promptly and at a fair price.

A1 Cleaning is on your side, and we’re only a phone call away. Experiencing flooding in your home can be traumatic. Our compassionate, experienced team will work with you and for you so that you can get your family back home soon, safe and sound. Contact us today if you have flood damage in Redwood Falls, MN.