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Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

While the summers are beautiful in Saint Cloud, MN, the snow, and the rain can do a lot of damage to your floors. People track in all sorts of things on their shoes. Your children are supposed to take their snow boots off by the door, you wipe your pet’s paws before they come inside, and yet, so much dirt is still tracked in. Where does it end up? On your floors. Ground into your carpets, stuck in the grout, or even wedged between the hardwood floorboards. You take a look at your floors and realize they have seen better days.

Don’t fear: We’ve got you covered for carpet and floor cleaning in St. Cloud, MN.

Why Are Clean Floors Important?

To maximize the life of your floor, you must make sure it is cleaned and cared for properly.

Proper cleaning and care for your floors are essential to maintaining the life of your flooring. Dirt tracked in can wear down your carpet, hardwood, stone, or other flooring material you may have in your home.

Carpet, in particular, can hide a lot of dirt that doesn’t get picked up by the vacuum.  Allergens are notorious for getting stuck in the carpet. For people with indoor allergies, these hidden allergens can be very irritating. Choose A1 for you carpet cleaning in St. Cloud.

How Often Should Floors Be Deep Cleaned?

You should plan to have floors deep cleaned by professionals every 6-12 months. This will help maintain the life of your floors and keep them at their best.

Why Hire a Professional?

Professional cleaners have the right tools and knowledge to clean your floors correctly. Even if you are diligent about vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping, trapped dirt and stubborn allergens won’t come out unless you have professional-grade tools.

For nearly 20 years, A1 Cleaning Services have provided homeowners with the knowledge and satisfaction of a job well done. We have the proper tools, the best and most efficient carpet shampoos, and we know how to work with all types of flooring giving you the best floor cleaning in St. Cloud.

Having your carpets deep cleaned is crucial because vacuums don’t get down to the lowest layer of your carpet. They only pick up what is on the surface. Professional deep cleaning of your carpets will get to the lowest layer and pick up all the loathsome things lurking beneath the surface.

Floor Cleaning, St. Cloud, MN

Do you enjoy getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing that stubborn grout? Probably not. Don’t worry; we will do that for you and make it look new again. At A1 Cleaning, we are so much more than carpet cleaners. While we do deep clean carpets, we also clean specialty flooring including concrete, natural stone, hardwood, and area rugs. And we won’t dare show you all the dirt that comes out of your grout.  

Stubborn stains, allergens, and funky odors are no problem for us here at A1 Cleaning. In fact, we like the added challenge.

We are here to make your lives easier and a little cleaner. We know the value of clean floors, and we want to help you return your floors to their “like new” state.