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Flood Damage Cleaning

Flood Damage Cleaning

Has your home recently been flooded by mother nature or a major leak from other damage? If so, you need emergency restoration and cleaning services. A-1 Professional Cleaning provides Flood Damage Cleaning St. Cloud MN! They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to come to your rescue after a major flooding incident. Flood damage can drastically worsen 24-48 hours after it begins, so the cleaning and restoration process needs to start immediately after the source of the water is found and stopped from leaking. Mold can begin to grow in affected areas as soon as 24 hours after the damage occurs. Mold growth can pose a severe health risk to the people in your residence or business.  A-1 Cleaning understands that damage can worsen if not treated immediately, which is why they offer emergency services any time of day or night to minimize the damage and the time it takes to get your home back to top condition.

Imagine waking up at three in the morning. You walk into the kitchen to get something to drink, and you are startled by the four inches of water that has wet your socks. You turn on the light, and that’s when you see it. Something in your kitchen has leaked and caused excessive damage to your linoleum floors, cabinets, and other objects. You are overwhelmed, speechless, and have no idea where to start to clean up this mess or even find what’s leaking. That moment is when you pick up your phone and give A-1 Cleaning a call.

A-1 Professional Cleaning has been in business for over 20 years and is known for the full range of services and excellent service to their customers throughout the West Central Minnesota area including St. Cloud.  A-1 will not only clean up the mess from the flood, but they will also restore the affected area to the original condition. The highly trained professionals will clean up the water and find the source, so that they can stop the leak right away. They have the latest equipment to filter the air and remove mold spores. Any damaged and contaminated materials such as flooring, structural beams, insulation, and woodwork will be removed.

After the cleanup process is over and humidity levels return to normal, the professionals will restore the area that was affected by the flood. The restoration includes installing new sheetrock, lumber, and insulation. The process will be finished up with a paint job and new trim installation, making it seem like the flooding never happened. As a result of your quick thinking, you prevent excess damage from occurring from the mold and mildew would grow on the affected areas. You also protect your home or business value and the health of yourself, family, employees, guest, or customers.

If water damage has occurred in your home or business and you’re in the St. Cloud area, don’t procrastinate the cleanup process and leave yourself susceptible to even more damage than what there already is. A-1 Cleaning knows how frustrating and overwhelming the cleanup and restoration process can be. Let the professionals do the challenging work for you. Call A-1 Professional Cleaning for your water damage clean up and restoration.