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Smoke / Fire Damage

Smoke / Fire Damage

Smoke and Fire Damage Clean up in St. Cloud, MN

We’ve all heard the expression, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” However, when considering the long-term smoke damage to a residential or commercial property, fire restoration professionals might say it a little differently: “Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.” If your property has sustained damage because of a fire, you might be tempted to believe the fire department is the only number you need to call.

Indeed, fires can cause a catastrophic amount of detriment to your buildings, internally and externally; but smoke is the sneaky, lurking beast that, if left unchecked, will undoubtedly continue to quietly destroy your property. If you live in the St. Cloud, MN area, calling A-1 Professional Cleaning Services can save you money and remove the headache of cleaning up your fire and smoke damage.

Trained Professionals

Our IICRC trained experts have almost twenty years of experience in smoke, fire, and water damage restoration, in addition to mold and odor removal. The specialists at A-1 are well versed in every aspect of cleaning up, repairing, and replacing walls, flooring, and other structures in spaces that have been charred by fire and yellowed by smoke. We have the knowledge, up-to-date-equipment, and availability to tackle any job, large or small.

After the fire trucks have driven away, a great deal still needs to be done to stop the devastation from spreading. Soot can linger in the air and on surfaces for hours, days, even weeks. The first signs of soot destruction occur at the cosmetic level: The yellowing and discoloration of surfaces such as paint, wood, and wallpaper. Soot is highly acidic and, if not dealt with quickly, can corrode metal, ruin the finish on valuable furniture, and seep into well-loved belongings.

The longer it sits, the more likely the item will need to be discarded. Not to mention, the odor of smoke and soot sinks into porous surfaces, proving more difficult to remove as time goes on. A-1 professionals understand precisely what to look for when assessing this kind of damage, and we have the tools to remove severely damaged structures and materials, clean the affected rooms, and restore them to their former glory.

Restoration Services

When it comes to personal belongings that have been affected by smoke or soot, A-1 is there for you, too. Our experts will do a full assessment of your damaged property, determining what can and cannot be salvaged. What cannot be saved will be removed, and we will get to work repairing and cleaning your belongings.

Your air ducts and vents, carpets and flooring, walls, ceilings, and windows will all be professionally cleaned by our staff. Items such as drapes will be taken to a professional cleaner and then re-hung after the entire process is finished. A-1 works quickly and confidently, ensuring you will regain the use of your space promptly.

Our professional and fast working experts at A-1 Professional Cleaning genuinely do it all, from the initial assessment to working with your insurance company and helping you submit a claim. Our emergency services are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that we can be there for you if disaster strikes.