Why Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

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Why Hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstered furniture is visually appealing and comfortable and fits into every interior. Upholstery comes in a variety of materials and styles, which you can choose depending on your style and decor preference. It’s also easy to maintain and provides a host of other benefits.

As you use furniture daily, upholstery gets dirty and worn out over time. You can vacuum it and remove dust, pet hair, and superficial stains as part of regular maintenance. But if you have wine stains that won’t come out or your furniture smells strange, you’ll need to give it some extra care with professional upholstery cleaning.

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Why Professional Upholstery Cleaning Matters

Removing stains from upholstery fabrics can be challenging. When cleaning them, you have to know how different fabrics should be treated and follow the code system that notes which cleaning solutions should be used. If that seems like too much of a hassle, you should hire professionals to clean upholstery. 

Using Professional Tools and Cleaning Products

It’s possible to do some superficial furniture cleaning, like vacuuming the carpets, couches, and cushions, yourself. But for deep cleaning, you’d need a range of upholstery and carpet cleaners and cleaning tools. Buying all that would cost you a lot and has no point, as you will use them only once in a while.

Seasoned upholstery cleaners understand that different upholstery materials have different cleaning needs. They won’t use the same cleaning solution to clean carpets, cushions, and leather upholstery in one go. Instead, they’ll apply proper cleaning products and techniques for each of these materials. 

Making Your Upholstered Furniture Last Longer

Upholstery and carpet cleaning services use proven cleaning methods, like carbonation cleaning, steam cleaners, and dry cleaning. They don’t use harsh chemicals to remove even the tough stains but water-based cleaners and other non-toxic products that are gentle to delicate pieces, like leather furniture and wool carpets.

These services provide deep cleaning to your carpets and furniture. They’ll remove dirt, grime, and all filth trapped around fibers without damaging them and even create a protective layer around them to prevent further staining. Also, professional cleaning revives the upholstery colors and feel and extends its life.

Removing Pet Stains and Odors

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Pets are lovable creatures, but they can make a mess on your furniture. Pet accidents can happen on your couch, you can find hair stuck in your carpet, and your upholstery can smell oddly if your furry buddies spend a lot of time there.

Upholstery cleaners have gadgets that can pinpoint pet stains even when they’re not visible to the naked eye. They use steam cleaners and carbonated cleaning to deal with the most stubborn stains, kill bacteria and germs, and freshen up the upholstery. They also use specialized products to penetrate into upholstery fibers to remove unpleasant odors.

Saving Time and Energy

The upholstery cleaning process takes time, especially when it’s deep cleaning. You have to figure out how to clean different materials. Gather all cleaning supplies, find the right cleaner for each type of upholstery fabric, and get to work without professional cleaning tools, which can take a lot of time.

Furniture cleaning services save time and energy. Professionals deep-clean upholstery fast and handle all kinds of old and fresh stains. With specialized tools and cleaning products, upholstery cleaners provide thorough cleaning for a fraction of the time you’d need to do this task.


How to Prepare Upholstered Furniture for Professional Cleaning 

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When you hire a professional cleaning service to take care of your upholstered furniture, you have to prepare it before their arrival. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Move upholstered furniture from walls and other furniture to allow easy access to furniture cleaning professionals. Also, this prevents water or steam damage to walls, drapes, and wooden furniture.
  2. Move any piece or decoration that can interfere with the cleaning process or possibly get damaged.
  3. For carpet cleaning, make sure there’s nothing on them.
  4. Upholstery cleaners might need access to water, so ensure they can get to it to speed up the cleaning process.
  5. Remove cushions, bedding, and covers so cleaning professionals can inspect the entire furniture surface and ensure it’s properly cleaned.
  6. Vacuum or brush your furniture to get rid of superficial debris and pet hair as much as possible.
  7. If you have any specific requirements for your upholstery, discuss them before the cleaner starts working. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for Furniture to Dry After Deep Cleaning?

It takes about two to six hours for upholstered furniture to fully dry. This time depends on room condition, fabric type, and cleaning method. A carpet might take a bit longer, up to 12 hours.

What Is the Best Upholstery Cleaning Method?

There’s no single best method, as different fabrics and stain types should be treated in different ways. A mild cleaning solution works best for natural fibers. Foam cleaning provides great results on materials susceptible to mold and moisture trapping. A steam cleaner works for odor removal from fabrics, but it’s not the most effective method for stain treatment.

How Do Professionals Clean Leather Furniture?

Leather requires special care and upkeep. Seasoned upholstery cleaners use cleaning products and conditioners to preserve leather’s natural oils, prevent cracking and peeling, and make this furniture last longer.


To Sum Up

When you decide to clean upholstered furniture, leaving this job to professionals can be the best decision. They’ll find a solution for every stain and fabric type and ensure your furniture looks great, smells fresh, and stays in good condition for a long time.

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