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Redwood Falls Cleaning and Restoration

Redwood Falls is famous for its rich history, museums, and breathtaking parks. It makes sense that your home or business should live up to these standards, but a thorough restoration is a tough job.

Luckily, A1 Cleaning is up for the task. We have served the cleaning and restoration needs in Redwood Falls and surrounding communities for over 20 years, and we’re here to help your home look and feel the best it can be.

Mold Removal

Redwood Falls is one of the hottest places in Minnesota. The warmth, combined with high humidity or a leaky roof, can lead to summers overrun with mold and mildew. Mold is a fungus spread by spores that start to grow as soon as they are exposed to water.

Your home is exposed to spores constantly, and it only takes a few days for those spores to germinate. Call us for a mold remediation service as soon as you spot any signs of mold damage. Signs of mold damage include dark spots, a musty smell, and allergies or flu-like symptoms.

Odor Removal

After the mold contamination is cleared, a musty smell may still be left over. Fortunately, A1 Cleaning offers thorough and professional odor removal to keep your home and business smelling fresh. Keeping the odor away is one of the most essential steps to cleanliness for any home. Even if something looks clean, our sense of smell can tell us otherwise.

Odors can come from other sources, usually pets or bacteria buildup from normal day-to-day activities. We have specialized equipment to take care of that too. After all, traditional cleaning methods won’t entirely remove the bacteria, and the smell will come back with time. The only way to keep your home smelling good long-term is to ensure the offending bacteria is completely gone.

Full-Service Cleaning

We offer generalized cleaning for every part of your home and for any material. We excel at removing stains, odors, mold, grime, and bacteria.

We also offer special services to eliminate allergens from your home or business. Proper removal of allergens includes deep cleaning carpets and furniture, clearing air ducts, sanitization, and more. Our professionals are safety oriented and have the necessary training and experience for the job.


After mold treatment, decay, or disaster, your home or business will need to be restored to meet modern building standards. We have certified professionals on every restoration job to ensure your home is revived safely and completely.

Restoration can also be required after experiencing fire or water damage. A flood, busted pipes, house fire, or long-term water leakage can all damage your home’s structure and foundation, making the environment unsafe to live in. In these cases, the sooner you hire a restoration service, the better.

For your Redwood Falls cleaning and restoration needs, give A1 Cleaning a call.

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It’s never too late to start maintaining a clean, fresh home and business. If you need a full-service cleaning or restoration job done right, reach out to A1 Cleaning and contact us today.

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