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St. Cloud Cleaning and Restoration

St. Cloud is a gem of a city in Minnesota. It’s considered among the most livable cities thanks to its rich culture and community. If you live here, you’ll need a home to match its reputation, and we’ve got you covered.

A1 Cleaning has served the cleaning and restoration needs in St. Cloud for over 20 years, and for a good reason! Our commercial and residential cleaning services are top-notch, timely, and affordable.

Here’s a bit more about what we offer:

Full-Service Cleaning

Full-service cleaning is our most popular request. No stain or task is too big for our team, and we have experience with many materials.

We offer both residential and commercial cleaning services. A few of our cleaning services include:

  • General cleanliness
  • Water and flood damage remediation
  • Cleaning up smoke and fire damage
  • Mold remediation
  • Odor removal
  • And more!

Complete Restoration

If cleaning isn’t enough, we also offer a complete restoration package. Our trained professionals will come to your home or business, evaluate any damage or decay, and work to fix or replace everything to safely restore the building, down to the last detail. Our restorations are certified and guaranteed to satisfy.

There are many signs of hidden structural damage, all of which require immediate attention for safety and damage control. Letting things go unfixed for too long can lead to worse problems down the road, costing you more money the longer you wait.

Mold Removal

Oftentimes, the need for building restoration is caused by the growth of mold. Characterized by dark spots, musty smells, and allergy-like symptoms, mold isn’t just bad for your family’s health; it’s also bad for the health of your home.

Mold and the excess moisture that causes mold will rot wood, damage electrical wiring, and crack the walls and ceiling. If you spot any mold, you should immediately contact us for a thorough cleaning. We not only take care of the visible damage but also remove the spores from the air and furniture. This ensures that the mold won’t return anytime soon, saving you money in the long run.

Need a mold remediation service? Get in touch with A1 Cleaning today!

Odor Removal

A musty, unpleasant smell can be left lingering after the mold is removed from the home. Mold isn’t the only problem that can cause an odor; pets, food, grime, and even daily life can all leave behind distinctive smells. The main culprit for unpleasant smells is bacteria, which won’t disappear after vacuuming or air freshening sprays.

We take care of odors with special equipment and procedures that consumer-grade products can’t match. You don’t have to live with foul odors and musty living spaces. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can restore your home to a fresh, clean state.

Get In Touch For Your St. Cloud Cleaning and Restoration Needs!

We are here to provide top-quality service for all your St. Cloud cleaning and restoration needs. Don’t wait to maintain a clean, fresh home and business. Reach out to A1 Cleaning to learn more!

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