Marketing Store Reopening After a Disaster & Cleaning

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Marketing Store Reopening After a Disaster & Cleaning

Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and pandemics are natural disasters that can devastate communities and businesses, whether large or small. Statistics show that 25% of businesses close permanently after a natural disaster.

Planning a store reopening after a disaster—and the professional cleaning that comes with it—isn’t impossible, especially with services like A-1 Cleaning. Read on to get tips for bouncing back into business before you lose your customers. Stay tuned on how you can avail of A-1 Cleaning’s professional services to get you back on track. 

Keep Customers Informed 

Constant communication with your customers is necessary, even on bad days. Let them know that you’ve been hit by a disaster and clearly state your plans for a clean-up.

Also, keep them updated about the cleaning process through your social media platforms and website. It assures them that you’re making efforts to reopen.

Make sure to provide any available channels for your customers to reach you —but only commit to these if you are able to attend to them. 

By doing this, Instead of leaving your customers wondering whether you’re injured or hiding due to any loss you may have accrued, you’ve made yourself and the business more accessible. As a result, your customers and prospects may call or drop a message to show concern or ask questions. You can consider this cheap publicity because you’ve built empathy in their hearts, which is vital for customer loyalty.

More importantly, it would help if you had a timeline for reopening to inform your customers. Hiring the services of professional cleaners, such as A-1 Cleaning, can help with insurance claims and damage restoration so that you can reclaim your business faster.

Post Pictures and Videos of Affected Areas

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If you’re telling customers that you’ve experienced a disaster like a flood, but everything is under control, how do you prove it? Where emails and newsletters are old-fashioned (but still functional), tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ensure that messages go viral.

Besides, they allow you to create short and lengthy posts, videos, and images that connect your business emotionally with its customers. Therefore, if you need a dynamic means of reaching your customers, now is the best time to consider it. 

It would be more convincing to keep them updated with pictures and videos. This way, they can see the extent of damage and the progress you’re making toward reopening the store. Also, you can post a picture of you and your employees putting things in place as the professional cleaners help to restore your business.

Include a link to your website in your posts to drive organic traffic and increase the visibility of your business. As a result, prospective customers can visit your site to see your products or services. They may even pre-order while you’re planning your store reopening after a disaster.

Make it About Others

After a natural disaster, people usually look for ways to support recovery efforts. So, it’s a good time to get others involved. Besides, there may be others who are also affected and need help to get back.

You can take advantage of the situation to inform people that a percentage of each sale you make during this period would be used to assist families or other businesses. 

This will motivate people to purchase from your business even when you’re still not fully operational. The funds can keep your business running and support employees who may have also been affected by the disaster. 

Additionally, if your business can’t assist people directly, you can look for organizations or individuals offering relief. You can find them on social media and make a post about them, informing people about where they can find relief materials. 

Using hashtags and a call to action is important, as is asking people to share your posts for greater reach. For example, if you were affected by a flood, you can use hashtags like #flood, #restoration, #waterdamage, #climatechange, and #rain. 

The right hashtags help others who may not even be in your location to find your business. Who knows? They may pick interest in your products or services, opening a new market for your offerings.

Host a Store Reopening Event

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Hosting an event to announce your store’s reopening after a disaster and professional cleaning is a great way to announce that you’re open for business. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant event, but make sure to collect contacts of new customers so that you can add them to your database and reach out to them later.


A disaster doesn’t announce itself, so you should be ready before it happens. Having a professional cleaning company’s contact details helps speed up your restoration process and store reopening after a disaster. And to ensure that your business retains its customers, we highlighted tips that’ll help you make a quick comeback. 

Bookmark A-1 cleaning and check out their professional cleaning services to prepare you for unexpected events.

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