Tips For Cleaning A Smoker’s House Before Selling It

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Tips For Cleaning A Smoker’s House Before Selling It

If you are considering selling a smoker’s house, you might be wondering how to get the smoke out before selling it. We all know how difficult it is to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke. Unfortunately, this smell of cigarette smoke might put potential buyers off.

Don’t burn scented candles or aerosols with fragrances, as this rarely removes the smell. They only cover it up temporarily. The best way to eliminate odors in a smoker’s home is to target the source. This means cleaning the home’s interior surfaces entirely. Here are the things to clean and get the smoke out of before selling them. 


Ventilate the house

A smoky scent is one of the most repulsive to buyers. If you’re looking to sell a smoker’s house, get rid of the smoke residue. Open windows and doors and turn on fans to improve ventilation before you clean. Fresh air through ventilation and circulation helps dissipate the smell of smoke inside the house. 


Tackle hard surfaces


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Once you establish airflow, clean the home’s hard surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, floors, countertops, doors, knobs, handles, light fixtures, appliances, furniture, and fan blades. Remember to clean the inside of cabinets, drawers, and closets with an appropriate cleaning solution and rinse.

Using a soft sponge to remove the initial layer of smoke residue from walls and ceilings, then wet clean with a powerful cleaner. You can then use white vinegar to clean washable surfaces such as floors, walls, and furniture. This is because vinegar naturally cuts through odors. If you cannot tolerate vinegar, add lavender oil to the bowls to mask it.

Cleaning hardwood floors is like cleaning a wall, except you cannot use vinegar on hardwood floors. You must pick a cleaner that is suitable for the type of flooring you have and won’t harm it. Use a cleaner and warm water to damp mop the floor two to three times, with frequent water changes.


Wash the soft stuff

After cleaning the hard surfaces, move on to the soft ones. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other soft fabric that is not machine washable. Once the baking soda absorbs odors for a few days, vacuum it. You can then find a steam cleaner to tackle the carpet and furniture upholstery. Unfortunately, if you can’t remove the smell, it’s time to replace your carpet.

Remove all the curtains and draperies and the washable upholstery covers. Use half a cup of vinegar in place of detergent for the first wash, followed by a second wash with detergent and air-drying of the clothing.


Wash windows and window coverings

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Window coverings can absorb smoke from windows. Ensure you remove all window coverings like blinds, shades, curtains, and drapes before cleaning them. You can then soak non-wooden blinds in a bathtub filled with an all-purpose cleaner, water, and a cup of vinegar. Allow the blinds to soak for 10 to 15 minutes, then scrub them before hanging them to dry.

After you finish the window coverings, spray vinegar on the window surface and wipe with a microfiber cloth to y clean the windows. These are some things to clean before selling a house.


Clean the air

The final step to cleaning a smoker’s home is cleaning the air. Usually, cleaning procedures help lessen but not eliminate the smell of smoke. Hence, buy air purifiers with HEPA filters that reduce odor-causing molecules to clear the air.

Invest in new HVAC system filters, and replace them every month. Mostly, look for specialized odor-removal filters with neutralizing charcoal since they do a better job of getting rid of the smoke. You can also use professional duct cleaning to remove the source of bad odors in the house. Ensure you clean all the ductwork and HVAC systems to eliminate smoke, ash, and soot residue.

If you humidify the air and the cigarette odor persists, use the ozone generator. These machines use activated oxygen to oxidize smoke molecules and eliminate the smell at their source. You can rent or buy these powerful machines and let them run for up to ten hours per room to eliminate all the smoke. 

The best time to use ozone generators is after removing the source of the smell. They will eliminate any odors that may still be present. However, take caution when using these machines to avoid causing injury.


Get rid of some items

It might be challenging to remove the smoke smell if it has seeped into your carpets, draperies, or furniture. This is because cigarette smoke contains chemical substances that can adhere to walls and other hard surfaces. The only solution will be to remove and replace these items.

According to reports, smoking inside the house can reduce its resale value by 29%. Smoking contaminates the air with tars and toxic gasses, damaging hard and soft surfaces. You might need to replace fabrics or remove the flooring, drywall, and carpets to eliminate this smokey odor.


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When smoke infiltrates a house, the lingering smell often persists because of minute microscopic particles that stick to your home’s walls, furniture, floors, and clothing. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, effort, and money to eliminate the smell of smoke. You need a professional to help remove the smoke and prepare your home for sale. Contact A1 Cleaning for all of your cleaning and restoration needs. We are in Wilmar, Minnesota, and serve customers throughout Willmar. Montevideo, Marshall, Litchfield, and the surrounding communities.

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