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1706 Hwy 12 E Willmar, Minnesota 56201


If you are in need of our cleaning and restoration services, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today by phone or email.

We are ready to provide you with exceptional customer service as well as with a knowledgeable and experienced staff. Our team of experts can help you with any of your restoration and cleaning needs. Reach out to us anytime to inquire about the excellent services we can provide.

Do you have smoke or fire damage in your home or business? Contact us immediately, and we can start restoring your space and get it in like-new condition. We can eliminate any trace of smoke or fire damage in a timely and efficient manner.

Are you concerned about mold in your home? Our mold remediation services will provide you with the help you need in identifying, locating, and containing any mold in your home. Next, we will remove any mold, clean up the affected areas, and filter the air in your home. Contact us if you are in need of mold remediation, and we will be happy to assist.

If your home or business has any water damage due to flooding or sewer back-up, we can help remove any flooring, walls, insulation or even structural beams that have water damage. Using the latest equipment, we can filter the air in your space to inhibit mold growth. We will also replace and repair any of the damaged structure, restoring your area to new condition. Reach out to us immediately if you are experiencing any water damage in your home or business.

Do you have carpets or flooring that are in need of deep cleaning? Contact us today to get your flooring clean and odor free. Using only the highest quality equipment, we will remove stubborn stains from your carpet or floor, scrub grout lines clean, and freshen and renew your flooring. You will love how fresh your floors will look after we clean and restore them for you.

If you are tired of wondering what the mystery smell in your home is or aren’t sure how to remove it, reach out to us to help identify, remove, and correct the unpleasant scent. We are experts at removing odors from your home, whether stemming from your carpet, furniture, or walls.

At A1 Cleaning we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and quality work. We are certified, skilled and trained to exceed your restoration and cleaning needs. We strive to be the premier restoration company in west central Minnesota.

If you have an emergency, we can also be reached by phone at 320-235-1056. We are ready to handle any crisis and help you through a trying time, 24-hours a day.

Contact us today by email or phone, and let us take the stress and worry away from your restoration project.

We look forward to hearing from you and are ready to take on your job, big or small. You can be confident knowing that we will complete your project efficiently and quickly, and with care and attention to detail.

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